November 27, 2018
18 p.m.

Einstein Center Digital Future

Gender equality in virtual reality

The event aims to highlight the relevance of digitization from a gender equality and anti-discrimination perspective. Women scientists from various disciplines were invited to give a short 20-minute lecture on the role of digitization for gender equality. The aim is to discuss digitization as a technical and at the same time social phenomenon. The event is organized by the Graduate Program Digital Transformation.
Speaker: Dr. Melanie Stilz, Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok, Prof. Dr. Sabine Pfeiffer, Prof. Dr. Claude Draude.
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November 17 - 18, 2018
Technische Universität Berlin

Bits & Bäume – Conference for Digitalization and Sustainability

"What role does sustainability play for stable tech communities? Which ecological opportunities do digital applications offer for climate and resource protection? What types of digitalization are opposed or even counterproductive to these goals? How can the digital society be democratic and just peacefully preserving the Basis of our lives on this planet? Among these key questions, Bits & Bäume stands – as an open networking conference – for new perspectives on digitalization with sustainability. The conference is initated by our Prof. Dr. Tilman Santarius (TU Berlin/ECDF).

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November 6, 2018, 4 p.m.
Technische Universität Berlin, Lecture Hall A151

Digital Future: Cloud Computing Fundamentals

The lecture series “Digital Future“ at Technische Universität Berlin examines different aspects of society’s digital transformation and aims to provide attendees with a fundamental understanding of the topic. As part of the Berlin Science Week, the computer scientist Odej Kao (ECDF/TU Berlin) will introduce the topic of “Cloud Computing“ during a public lecture on November 6, 2018. Well-known services like Google Drive, Dropbox or Nextcloud have become indispensable for today’s internet usage. Generally, the provision of IT infrastructure has increasingly shifted from local storage to an online service delivery model.  In his lecture, Professor Kao will define important concepts and terms related to cloud computing and further illustrate the technology’s potential application for the future. The lecture series is organized by ECDF-Professor Florian Tschorsch (TU Berlin).

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November 1, 2018
Einstein Center Digital Future

Pairing Research Talks

Two young scientists, two digital topics and then just 15 minutes to pair their research: The PAIRING RESEARCH TALKS at the Einstein Center Digital Future is a interdisciplinary format.  The researchers explore different topics within the field of digitalisation, such as digital health, digital transformation, wearable computing and data science. Following the talks, the speakers will have the chance to discuss their research projects with the audience. Moderator is Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost (UdK Berlin/ECDF). Registration is required, please send an email


July 20 -22, 2018
Institute for Architecture, Technische Universität Berlin

it's all about_
Jochen Rabe Shows his work at IfA annual exhibition

Professor Jochen Rabe Holds the ECDF Professorship Urban Resilience and Digitalization. For us, urban resilience is an affirmative concept aiming to strengthen the ability of cities and neighborhoods to evolve in the face of ever faster and greater change, without loosing their unique identities. We believe, that the digitalization of our cities will allow to understand its complexities in far greater detail with often minimal latency. Technische Universität Berlin, Institute for Architecture, Straße des 17. Juni 152, Berlin, Groundfloor


July 11, 2018
Leibniz-Saal, BBAW, Berlin

Meeting Einstein: Receptor meets G protein

Keynote and round table with Nobel Laureate Brian Kobilka (Stanford University) and Roger Sunahara (University of California, San Diego).
G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) conduct the majority of transmembrane responses to hormones and neurotransmitters, and mediate the senses of sight, smell and taste. Approximately half of all medications used today make use of this kind of receptors.
The event is organized by the Einstein Foundation Berlin. Partner: Einstein Center Digital Future, Berlin Institute of Health and Stiftung Charité. 

June 06-08, 2018
Einstein Center Digital Future

Hackathon: Augmenting Cities

Professor Jochen Rabe and his team would like to invite interested parties from a wide range of disciplines to participate in the Hackathon ‚Augmenting Cities‘ at the Einstein Center Digital Future.  The organizers are looking for talents with ideally first AR experiences and most importantly ingenuity and enthusiasm to investigate this new field in thinking, planning and using cities! Apply now! Send your application till May 28, 2018 to hackathon[at] 

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June 1, 2018

The German Ethics Council@ECDF: lecture and discussion 

Prof. Dr. Steffen Augsberg, (Chairman task group „Big Data“ within German Ethics Council; Chair of public law, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen) talks about “Big Data and its regulatory framework – recommendations of the German Ethics Council”. Language: German. The number of participants is limited.

May 5, 2018, 10:30 – 18:00

Open House Bundesrat 


The Einstein Center Digital Future and the Technische Universität Berlin will present research projects in the field of digitalization on May 5, 2018 at the Bundesrat. Professor Jochen Rabe and his team show „WBS // 2037“ – an urban development project. Professor Rabe holds the ECDF Professorship Urban Resilience and Digitalization. >>More Information


April 19-20, 2018

8th Privacy Enhancing Techniques Convention (PET-CON 2018.1)

PET-CON 2018.1 – the eighth convention in Germany in the area of Privacy Enhancing Techniques. PET-CON brings together students (B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD), junior researchers, privacy activists and other interested people to discuss work in progress. PET-CON is organized by the PET interest group of the German Computer Science Society (GI). Registration deadline April 6, 2018. Registration is required >> 


March 7, 2018, 7 p.m. 

Book Launch: Smart Green World?   

Digitalization is a social megatrend. But what does it mean for ecology and equity? Smart green world or dystopia? Prof. Dr. Tilman Santarius (TU Berlin/ECDF) and Steffen Lange present their new book “Smart Green World? Digitalization between surveillance, consumption and sustainability” and talk with Harald Welzer (bestseller author, Futurezwei) and Prof. Dr. Ina Schieferdecker (founding director Deutsches-Internet-Institut/Fraunhofer Fokus). Language: German. The number of participants is limited. Registration is required >>

February 23, 2018

Labourgames Berlin – The Final 

LABOURGAMES is an innovation-oriented European network project bringing together the »world of labour« with the »world of play« by allowing smart use of game principles. In order to facilitate learning effects on the fundamental changes in the world of work, games are created. Labourgames Berlin – The Final is a gathering of 70 young participants from Berlin and Hamburg. All developed game ideas can be tested during the event. By Invitation only.

February 20, 2018

Workshop: Social Network Analysis for PhD-Students

This course gives an introduction to network analysis with a focus on social networks. The PhD-Students will use the tool Gephi for hands-on exercises using real-world data with the aim to understand the full workflow of a social network study from data extraction, data cleansing, modelling, visualization, analysis, and critical interpretation. Workshop organized by Professor Daniel Fürstenau, FU Berlin / Einstein Center Digital Future. Registration is required.

January 18-19,2018

IoT hackathon: IoThon

IoThon is Europe's first research-oriented open source IoT hackathon, taking place in January 18 -19, 2018 in Berlin, at Einstein Center Digital Future. IoThon is a focused IoT hackathon for students, researchers, and developers working on open source IoT projects, especially related to information-centric networking (ICN) and blockchains. IoThon is organized by several European universities, people from the open source community RIOT, and EU Horizon 2020 projects SOFIE and POINT. 

November 30, 2017

Startups@Berlin Center for Digital Transformation by Fraunhofer

After-work & Match-Making: Startups get to know the Fraunhofer researchers and their technologies from the fields of IoT, 5G, Industry 4.0 and Hardware for Cyber Physical Systems. Talks will be given by actors from the startup-scene.

November 24-25, 2017

Hackathon on Urban Mobility for Students of Berlin   

Urbanization meets Digitalization! These two mega trends are changing our society and will especially disrupt the status quo of transportation in the city. How can we combine current solutions to fulfill the exact mobility need? How can we use synergies between the flow of people and goods? The Hackathon is organized by Digitallife@Daimler and the Einstein Center Digital Future. 

November 2, 2017

ECDF Pairing Research Talks   

The Pairing Research Talks is a new interdisciplinary format by the Einstein Center Digital Future that will be launched during the Science Week 2017. The doors will open at 17:00. Registration for this event is required, please register at info(at)

October 20, 2017

Press Conference / Berlin Science Week 2017

The Einstein Center Digital Future hosts the press conference of the Berlin Science Week 2017. With the Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mlynek, Prof. Dr. Sabine Kunst, Hanan Dowidar, Stefan von Holtzbrinck and Lucie Menz. 

October 19, 2017 

Journalists in Residence 

Young journalist from the ‘Journalists in Residence Program’ visit the Einstein Center Digital Future. The program is part of the DFG International Research Marketing Ideas Competition and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The event is organised by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Einstein Foundation Berlin.

October 10, 2017


The panellists of the DataDialog discuss ‘Data Portability and Telecommunication’, with Dr. Carsten Hayungs, Anja Hartmann and Dr. Claus-Dieter Ulmer. The Panel is organised by the foundation ‘Stiftung Datenschutz’.

September 5, 2017


The Einstein Center Digital Future hosts a workshop on the future of AI in Berlin, carried out by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).

September 2-3, 2017

EdTech Innovation Days

The participants of the hackathon ‘EdTech Innovation Days’ by Cornelsen work on combining theory and praxis in healthcare education through immersive technologies.

July 19, 2017


The Principal Investigators (PI) of the Einstein Center Digital Future get together on a Longtable to keep updated and talk about upcoming projects.

July 4, 2017


The panellists of the DataDialog discuss ‘Data Security in the 21st Century – between disclosure of your data and data sovereignty’. The Panel is organised by the foundation ‘Stiftung Datenschutz’.

June 29, 2017

Digital Sovereignty

The Advisory Council for Consumer Affairs (Sachverständigenrat für Verbraucherfragen, SVRV) presents their Digital Sovereignty Report to State Secretary Gerd Billen at the Einstein Center Digital Future.

June 24, 2017

ECDF@LNdW 2017

In cooperation with the CHORA Conscious City, the Einstein Center Digital Future shows its partners and network at the Long Night of the Sciences (Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften / LNdW), with the help of CHORA’s interactive table.

June 23, 2017

Design Research

The Design Research Lab at the Berlin University of the Arts hosts a workshop on the topic of Design Research and Open Labs.  

June 20, 2017

Security Research

The Einstein Center Digital Future hosts the 2nd ‘Dahlemer Rundgespräche’ by the Freie Universität Berlin on the topic of security research.

June 15, 2017

Press Conference LNdW 2017

The Einstein Center Digital Future hosts the press conference of the Long Night of the Sciences (Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften), a citywide event which takes place on June 24th.

May 23, 2017

ECDF@Cultural Vistas

Organized by Cultural Vistas, Junior researchers from the U.S. meet Prof. Dr. Florian Tschorsch, ECDF Junior Professor at the Technische Universität Berlin to speak about network security and privacy.

May 19, 2017

Media Literacy Education

In cooperation with the U.S. Embassy, the Einstein Center Digital Future invites Professor Renee Hobbs from the University of Rhode Island to speak about bringing media competency into the classroom in a digitalised World.

May 12, 2017

ECDF@Science Match 2017

The Einstein Center Digital Future hosts a track on Digital Technologies at the Science Match, with speeches from Odej Kao, Einstein Center Digital Future; Gesche Joost, Berlin University of the Arts; Martin Skutella, Technische Universität Berlin; Claudia Spies, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin; Dominik Seelow, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin; Jochen Schiller, Freie Universität Berlin; Martin Gersch, Freie Universität Berlin; Michael Seadle, Humboldt University of Berlin; and Sergio Lucia, Technische Universität Berlin.

May 11, 2017

Science Match 2017

The Einstein Center Digital Future hosts the kick-off of the Science Match 2017 with Prof. Dr. Odej Kao and Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost from the Einstein Center, Sebastian Turner from the Tagesspiegel, and State Secretary Steffen Krach.

May 9, 2017

Delegation from Vienna

Major of Vienna Dr. Michael Häupl and his delegation visit the Einstein Center Digital Future, hosted by Prof. Dr. Odej Kao, Speaker of the ECDF.

April 19, 2017

Press Conference 100 Days Program 

The Einstein Center Digital Future hosts the press conference of the Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller for the 100 days program of the Berlin Senate. The Opening of the Einstein Center is one of the 60 points on the program.

April 3, 2017

Opening of the Einstein Center Digital Future

The Einstein Center Digital Future celebrates the opening of the center with representatives from science, politics, industry and civil society. Prof. Dr. Odej Kao, Speaker of the Einstein Center Digital Future, and Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin, cut the red ribbon.